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sharon 28.10.2007 13:44

any gardeners out there

Are there any gardeners out there that could help.

I've now got a garden - if you can call a patch of land that hasn't been touched for years that... anyway I'd like to get it into shape but am not too impressed with the choice of plants locally and wondered if there were any swiss or german plant catalogues that I could order to get plants delivered - I know you can get these sort of things in the UK and they usually have more choice than the small garden centres.

Thanks in advance


roxane 28.10.2007 14:07

Re: any gardeners out there
I wouldn't know about catalogues but you'll find there are gardening magazines at kiosks. These tend to be German but will have Swiss ads in their clssifieds sections. I know that I once orered plants from a German garden centre like that and they were grand. No hassles with the delivery either.

Good luck with your garden and welcome to the green fingers club :)

southie 28.10.2007 14:14

Re: any gardeners out there
www.bakker.ch also Ackerman has one but it's the same as the Bakker and everything comes from Holland. Local garden centres also have cateloges(don't think thats right)

meloncollie 28.10.2007 16:44

Re: any gardeners out there
The only online garden retailer I've used in CH was Pflanzenverkauf, and while I was happy at first, the quality of the plants delivered declined drastically - so I no longer buy from them.

I've had very good luck with the following retail (not online) garden centers:


Outside of Pfäffikon SZ - if they don't have what you are looking for, they will try to order it for you. Decent prices, healthy plants.


In Tann-Ruti, this is a huge garden center. Lots of choices.

Also, if you are looking for fruit trees, berries, etc, I really like


Their Ausstellung is way the heck up in Neukirch, but the plants are also sold through several other local garden centers (First, linked above, being one of them).

One of the reasons I've backed away from buying online is that I'm still struggling with the 'mini-climate' effect here. I've come to rely on the gentleman at First to advise me on whether the plant I'm interested in will thrive given our altitude, summer/ winter temps, sun (or lack of it) rain, pests, etc.

Happy gardening!

sharon 28.10.2007 19:07

Re: any gardeners out there

You seem to know what you are talking about - are there any plants you can recommend?? Ones that do well here - I live in Kilchberg so get the sun in the morning.

If you have any plant cuttings you need to get rid of then let me know :)


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