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loulabelle 13.07.2013 10:39

Legal help for non-profit organisiations
Just a question.

As part of a non-profit organisation we held our annual BBQ for all our members at the end of June.

This requires alot of planning and costs us in the region of 2000chf to put on this free event for all our members, as a thank you for all the help the previous school year.

Unfortunately the location we hired , with a contract ( Maur Schützenhaus) decided to run building/maintenance on the site the same day as our BBQ without consulting us.

This meant that our event, which requires the whole 'rented area', which by contract is ours for the day, was unusable.

We discovered this on the morning of our BBQ when picking up the key at the Schützenhaus (4 hours before the BBQ started).

Tools, building material and transport was all over the place, including nails and drills which arent the best thing to be lying about for a Childrens Centre BBQ where alot of the children attending are 5 and under.

We took videos, photos etc to show how the space was unusable.

We had spent alot of money on hiring bouncy castles, ponies for pony rides, food and drink and obviously the expense of hiring the location.

I have more information available, our reciepts, evidence of the state of the location and the contract.

If anyone knows of anyone who could help us reclaim some of our expenses we would be greatful.

Sadly as we are a non-profit organisation we can not afford the expense of a lawyer, as the fees would cancel out our claim to try and recover some of our expenses.

Many thanks

romainesol 13.07.2013 10:56

Re: Legal help for non-profit organisiations
Hi Loulabelle
I read your post. This sounds like a nightmare. I am sorry this happened to you.

If you do not want to mandate a lawyer you could write them a letter, with the same explanations as in your post.

However you must have an objective first. What kind of compensation do you want? What would be excellent and what would be the minimum you would expect from them?
When you have this in mind you could make them an offer and wait what they tell you.

BTW there is always a free of charge legal advice (here in Zug we have it 1 per week) offered by the community where you live. You do not make an appointment, you just come and wait until it is your turn and then you have app. 15 minutes do discuss your options. You may try to seek help, if your communication with the landlord does not show the expected result.

Best of luck

loulabelle 13.07.2013 19:11

Re: Legal help for non-profit organisiations
We have already contscted the schützenhaus and presented them with all the expenses we had paid out for the event.

We asked to be reimbursed the money for the hire, expense of hiring bouncy castles, ponies and food for over 150 people which then could not be used.

The Schützenhaus have refused to reimburse any of this.

So, its leaving us no choice but to see what action we can take but everyone we have spoken to has mentioned the costs to hire legal help are similar or more than our claim is worth.

If legally we cant do anything we are 2000chf down at the end of year due to their bad behaviour! So we would like to make a more public complaint because we feel the way the acted towards our organisation is pretty shocking and therefore they need to face up to what they have done.

st2lemans 13.07.2013 19:21

Re: Legal help for non-profit organisiations
Send them a registered letter pointing out that you will also request reimboursement for all legal costs.


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