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miss_bean 13.10.2013 21:16

vacuum cleaner recommendation
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we are looking for some good vacuum cleaner.Good for carpet cleaning and we have tiled flooring as in the attached picture.
decent sized apartment 120m2 and a crawling baby so need some good one to invest in.
Also any tips /experience of electric steam mop would be very helpful.

thanks in advance.

iPinky 01.03.2014 14:52

Re: vacuum cleaner recommendation
Sterilizing UV lamp? :confused:

Anyway, having gone through the process myself recently, I can recommend asking yourself what is important for you. Do you want something that is extremely silent? Do you want a vacuum with bags or without? (Because Dyson only sells without and is pretty loud too.)

I ended up looking for one with a good hepa filter, because I suffer a bit from allergies and I have two cats running around. This is also the reason why I decided to buy a vacuum with a bag.

If you plan on investing a lot of money in a vacuum, you also might want to make sure that spare parts can be purchased separately.

The brands I ended up looking at were:

- Nilfisk
- Numatic
- Bosch/Siemens
- Miele (also a good brand, but very overpriced if you ask me)

Most of these brands are pretty difficult to find in Swiss stores (except for Miele), so I ended up importing my vacuum cleaner... :)

John_H 01.03.2014 15:33

Re: vacuum cleaner recommendation
Jeeeze really.. First world problem :)

We bought a migro value on sale at 29.99 and it's great! Variable speed so almost silent at low speed, and umm let me think it sucks up dirt too. Oh yeah it has a long cable and decent filter.

Our place is biggish at over 200sqm but mostly wood floor and tile. The little carpet we do have brushes up fine with one pass.

Esha84 11.03.2014 18:12

Re: vacuum cleaner recommendation
I will recommend HYLA vacuum , is a multi fuctional vacuum cleaner,
Matress cleaning
Window cleaner
Air freshner

Just Amaizing vacuum.
If your interested to try it inbox me for more details.

miss_bean 11.03.2014 22:47

Re: vacuum cleaner recommendation
so back to the update, we ended up buying Electrolux Ultra Silencer Deep Clean Canister Vacuum, it is really compact, and hence easy to use umpteen number of times with a mess generating toddler running around, and ultra silent to use also when he is sleeping :)

Mark75 11.03.2014 22:49

Re: vacuum cleaner recommendation
Good choice. I was going to recommend the UltraSilencer. We bought one last year and are very happy with it.

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