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vuachère 01.05.2015 22:27

Charity/Donation bags
Very often, I would get these plastic bags in my mailbox about a donation drive (with a date specified). On the day, I usually see these bags, all full and tied up, near the waste bins.

I have one such bag now (with a date specified for next week), but would anyone happen to know whether the idea is that you leave clothes etc in it near the waste bins? Would this be collected by someone from the charity later? Or do you just leave it near the entrance to the building (there is a driveway- so I don't know whether anything placed such might be spotted)?

TomBern 02.05.2015 08:11

Re: Charity/Donation bags
I'd say, do as the Romans do - put it near the garbage place, where it can be seen. (Only put it out in the morning, as things might get stolen overnight.)
The collectors from the charity drive by with small trucks to collect the bags.
If, in the evening, your bag is still there, you can call a number that is marked on the bag itself.

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