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Trixy 16.09.2016 13:43

Singers wanted
Hey I am bored here in Zurich and was wondering if anyone wanted to join me singing some covers or making songs. I can also play guitar :)

nigelr 16.09.2016 13:46

Re: Singers wanted
Have a look on music.ch or even better post an ad there yourself, you'll get a much better response over there than on here.

Tasebo 16.09.2016 14:11

Re: Singers wanted
Have pm'd you:)

eairicbloodaxe 16.09.2016 17:28

Re: Singers wanted
If I wasn't travelling today, I'd bring my bass...



JagWaugh 16.09.2016 18:01

Re: Singers wanted
I'm guessing that Gilbert and Sullivan or Flanders and Swann aren't really what you're looking for.

I can do a bit of George Formby, but I have to be in the mood.

wanttosing 16.02.2017 12:52

Re: Singers wanted
Still looking for singers?

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