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TomasTomas 02.06.2017 15:59

Re: Language question

Originally Posted by JagWaugh (Post 2794760)
Part of the syntax of German is to shuffle the verb to the end of the sentence. Think of it as a sort of built in parity check: Listen until you've heard a verb, the sentence is now complete.

The rule isn't universal.

You're still in the "Translate" phase. In a certain sense you're not learning German yet, you're learning how to recognize the difference between German and English. (This isn't a criticism, we all went through it.)

Once you stop comparing everything to English you've started properly learning German. (What does a child compare language to when they are learning their mother tongue?)

German isn't any more difficult to learn than any other language, once you get past the "translate" phase. You can't force this, but the more you get out and use a language the better your progress will be.

Harrap's "German Grammar" is a good technical resource to help you decode German constructions, but you have to understand enough about grammar to make sense of it.

Yes,you are absolute right-now i am in the translating phase and yes i compare the language with German :)
I start to learn whole sentences and i think this is the easier way to learn the language and to have a habit how to structure it properly.
Big thanks to you and all the forum.

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