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Chrissie123 30.06.2008 21:31

Fancy Dress....where?? [Lausanne]
Hi does anyone know where I can buy a fancy dress outfit in or around Lausanne pls??


Blonaybear 30.06.2008 21:57

Re: Fancy Dress....where??
I did a Google and found this.

Chrissie123 30.06.2008 22:04

Re: Fancy Dress....where??
Nice one, thanks so much!
I will get someone at work to translate for me!!
Have a great evening!:)

RetiredInNH 30.06.2008 22:12

Re: Fancy Dress....where??

Originally Posted by Chrissie123 (Post 258777)
I will get someone at work to translate for me!!

You could have Google translate it for you :D see my Google Translate post.

RetiredInNH 30.06.2008 22:24

Re: Fancy Dress....where??
I have not been to Lausanne in a long time, but I would guess that there must be many shops selling fancy dresses (in fact, fancy everything!) on and around the Rue de Bourg.

grantley 01.07.2008 06:28

Re: Fancy Dress....where??
Sadly the Rue du Bourg is not what it was. The high-end shops have moved out, usually because of rent increases, and have been replaced by representatives of various chains. The inexorable standardisation and banalisation of our town centres continues. :(

RetiredInNH 01.07.2008 06:39

Re: Fancy Dress....where?? [Lausanne]
That, alas, is a worldwide trend :(

Where have the former Rue de Bourg shops moved to?

miniMia 01.07.2008 08:50

Re: Fancy Dress....where?? [Lausanne]
I think, what the OP means by "fancy dress" is costumes, not evening wear.

Here's on in the flon:

I also heard a rumor that the Geneva Opera rents it's costumes... I've always wanted to rent one of those big huge gowns. Sadly, I've just never had anywhere to wear one.

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