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batikqueen 17.12.2018 12:52

Food Banks in the Canton of Neuchatel
Hello....l am clearing out kitchen cupboards and looking to donate sealed, unused, and within best before dates non-perishable food to a food bank. However, in doing a search on this English Forum Switzerland, l'm only seeing old posts that don't seem to have any clear or obvious answers. l can empty foods into compost that meet that criteria and/or send to landfill. l would rather not do that as it doesn't seem so great for the environment or charitable. Thank you for any help.

Belgianmum 17.12.2018 13:09

Re: Food Banks in the Canton of Neuchatel
You could contact Caritas or Cartons du Coeur or possibly the Red Cross or the asylum seekers centre.



batikqueen 17.12.2018 14:19

Re: Food Banks in the Canton of Neuchatel
Thank you Belgianmum. l will look into those two places. Cheers....batikqueen

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