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telandy 18.07.2019 22:00

Kids driving vehicles
Is there anywhere where kids could practise to drive a vehicle? I mean drive a vehicle not a cart, my boys are coming 16 and I am looking for things for them to do.

EdwinNL 18.07.2019 22:43

Re: Kids driving vehicles
If with vehicle you mean something like a car, motor etc.. on obstacle courses/off road activities your options are very slim. Almost all (if not all) those activities demand the drivers having driver licences.

irish_temptation 18.07.2019 23:44

Re: Kids driving vehicles
In a year this could be interesting for you https://www.tcs.ch/de/der-tcs/sektio...dfahrlager.php

Otherwise can't help you. Maybe check Kartbahnen. Maybe they have options for teens but I am not sure.

aSwissInTheUS 19.07.2019 00:04

Re: Kids driving vehicles
In Germany there are "Verkehrsübungsplätze" like this one https://fahrenerleben.de/pkw/verkehrsuebungsplatz/ near Steisslingen-Bodensee.

On this one kid must be 16, and accompanying person must have had the driving license for at least 3 years. Not sure if also vehicles from Switzerland are welcome. Give them a call or find an other Verkehrsübungsplatz.

The TCS https://www.tcs.ch/de/der-tcs/sektionen/ has a Jugendfahrlager (Youth driving camp) for kids age 17, sometimes 18.

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