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Phil_MCR 08.01.2020 10:28

New UPU customs requirements: EAD
FYI the old green customs declaration is now going digital


LuganoPirate 08.01.2020 10:41

Re: New UPU customs requirements: EAD
Yes, came across this for the first time sending a present to my daughter in Holland. You have to make the declaration and form filling online, otherwise the Post Office will help you but charge CHF 3 extra on top of the CHF 12 postal charge. Took 20 minutes in total from being served to leaving!

Will now go to Italy where it's not only cheaper but no hassle sending within the EU.

Guest 08.01.2020 11:10

Re: New UPU customs requirements: EAD
I don't believe it ;), I was just about to post the very same thing.

My Pirate wanted to send a home-made wooden main mast for model ship to Germany...parcel weighted less than 500gr.......what a hullaballoo that was.

In the end the parcel, because 1m long, had to be sent as bulky good (Sperrgut) and cost the princely sum of 35.- Francs.

The green stickers for custom declaration are not valid anymore for parcels either.

And if you don't fill in the necessary information online BEFORE heading to the post office, and the staff has to do it for you,you have to pay an additional charge of 3.-.

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