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Spinal 04.03.2020 21:19

Lock Help - New Cylinder
I'm trying to change the cylinder in my doors - normally an easy task.

I got some shiney new cylinders (paying an arm and a leg as they are swiss standard and not euro cylinders).

Slot them in, and they operate the latch... but not the deadbolt. That is to say, turning one way retracts the latch, so that works. But if I turn the other way (to lock the door), it binds and wont turn to action the deadbolt.

Slide the old cylinder in, and it works fine.

Any ideas? They look identical (bar brand -replacing KABA for MUL-T-Locks)


Guest 04.03.2020 21:22

Re: Lock Help - New Cylinder
Have them both out and convince yourself that every movement with the key gives exact equal results and that outgoing/moving lids are of exact same size. Sometimes the diff in in just one detail or a lid needs a bit of shortening.

me.anon 05.03.2020 10:58

Re: Lock Help - New Cylinder
"swiss standard" ? There are quite a few of those for door locks.
In some cases, you have to lift the door lever before operating the dead bolt, but I guess you'd have tried that.
Otherwise, supply a picture/link.

Spinal 10.03.2020 13:10

Re: Lock Help - New Cylinder
Sorted in the end! Turns out the cam was about 0.5mm thicker than the kaba Swiss cam.

A bit of sand paper, and it works.

me.anon - this is the "Swiss Standard": https://www.mul-t-lock.com/fr-BE/sit...wiss-cylinder/

It's like the Euro cylinder, but rounder and bigger

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