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TetleyTea 21.05.2020 03:37

Lesbian Expats
Hi everyone,

Are there any lesbian expats about willing to meet up or does anyone know of any good lesbian groups in Switzerland? I have been here nine months and I still have little luck making friends.

Susie-Q 21.05.2020 07:54

Re: Lesbian Expats
I see that you are in Bern, have you tried the Frauenraum at Reitschule? They regularly hold lesbian events, dance nights etc.. I am guessing they are on hold for now due to COVID-19, but this could be a place to start.


TetleyTea 21.05.2020 16:53

Re: Lesbian Expats
By chance I found a sticker for this place on a lamppost in Biel last night and I was planning to go :) but it seems everything is on hold
due to Covid.

doropfiz 21.05.2020 18:47

Re: Lesbian Expats
LOS = Lesbian Organisation Switzerland links to a number of affiliate groups, here:

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