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Jamboree 13.07.2020 16:57

Elaborate Dress / Gown rental
I'm a photographer, I have a photoshoot coming up and the model is asking for help finding a dress rental place.

You know the type of dresses / gowns -- they are beautifully over the top and you only really wear them at Gala events or maybe a photoshoot.

No reason to purchase, just need to rent for the weekend.

Anyone know of a place that rents such a thing in Zurich?

roegner 13.07.2020 17:32

Re: Elaborate Dress / Gown rental
Just Google Kostümverleih. There are several in Zurich (have never done that so cannot help you from experience).

swisspea 13.07.2020 18:39

Re: Elaborate Dress / Gown rental
Same advice - there is a huge costume shop in seefeld, down the end near Tiefenbrunnen.

Like this one...


curley 13.07.2020 19:39

Re: Elaborate Dress / Gown rental
I may be wrong but doesn't OP mean more evening gowns (like guys borrow a tux) rather than a costume?

A place like this for example.
For more google Abendkleiderverleih Zürich.

Jamboree 13.07.2020 21:35

Re: Elaborate Dress / Gown rental
Yes, let me re-write my initial request.

This attached image is just a sample --- something I noticed on the web. I know this one is a bit "out there" but it might give you a better idea then my original post.

Jamboree 13.07.2020 21:39

Re: Elaborate Dress / Gown rental
1 Attachment(s)
image attached

doropfiz 13.07.2020 22:40

Re: Elaborate Dress / Gown rental

and sometimes one can buy something interesting from the Opera House

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