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Arthzil 10.09.2020 23:33

Using RC boats in Switzerland/Zurich
Hello all,

I went to Zurich lake today with my ~1m long 3d printed electric rc boat and a guy working in food place near water started to tell me it is forbidden and the police is patrolling... I got seriously confused as I've seen ready to use rc boats on stores like Digitech. The only thing I could think of was that it might be dangerous for people swimming, but I obviously stayed far from anyone.

Is it illegal to use rc boats in Switzerland? Or am I missing something?

Sigh 08.10.2020 15:24

Re: Using RC boats in Switzerland/Zurich
Depending where, but in or to close to a nature reserve it would be prohibited.
Check with the local authorities, they should know.

aSwissInTheUS 08.10.2020 16:21

Re: Using RC boats in Switzerland/Zurich
Just found this one:

In addition you should not navigate in nature protection zones and inside the yellow buoys.

Driving your boat around Halbinsel Au could be an issue. Driving near Badewiese Naglikon should be o.k when there are no swimmer (AFAIK there are no yellow buoys there).

Here the actual nature protection zones:

lost_inbroad 08.10.2020 16:44

Re: Using RC boats in Switzerland/Zurich
There is actually a RC boat event taking place in Stäfa next week (16th, 17th and 18th).


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