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sgpdm 23.03.2021 11:39

antique furniture
hello, any tips on where to sell good quality antique furniture?

JackieH 23.03.2021 12:50

Re: antique furniture
Depends on many factors. Are you sure they are 'antique' eg over 100 years old. and what do you mean by 'quality'?

If you know that it is truly high quality you can ask here


Or Lausanne Palace regularly holds (by appointment only) free estimates for an Antique Seller. Do ask them as I can't remember just now, the name of the Antique Business that does this.

hans1 23.03.2021 13:27

Re: antique furniture
Contact Geneva Enchères or Dogny Auctions Lausanne for an estimate.

In case of no interest, I would recommend posting your furniture for the highest bidder on Ricardo.ch. They have a separate antiques section.

greenmount 23.03.2021 17:17

Re: antique furniture

Originally Posted by sgpdm (Post 3288834)
hello, any tips on where to sell good quality antique furniture?

Not sure where but that would be a good business idea for CH. I suppose you didn't have that in mind when you asked here though.

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