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angoose 02.05.2021 21:59

Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
Not strictly a Swiss question, but I thought I'd try my luck here, as I would expect there might be one or two other people in the same position as me.

Could anyone recommend an insurance company which provides landlord's insurance for rental property in the UK, and is willing to accept landlords who live outside the UK?

When I wanted to change my insurance provider last year, I found it really difficult to find a British insurance company which was able to provide such insurance to non-resident landlords.

I had previously always been with Direct Line, but they have this crazy policy of offering appalling renewal quotes to existing customers, whereas they offer cracking deals to new customers. (And I have to say, I always found Direct Line to be very good, but I didn't appreciate the way in which they were hiking up my premium each year)

Any pointers on this would be gratefully received!

Cherub 02.05.2021 22:17

Re: Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
I have a one bed main door flat in Scotland I rent out and use a company called Premia Solutions Ltd, they're a company who source quotes for you. Specialist landlord / buildings insurance costs me about £198 a year via them with a company called Kudos Insurance.

I also use a fully managed letting agency service and pay them £10 a month for rent guarantee insurance. As soon as a tenant defaults the insurance kicks in (thankfully I haven't needed to use it as I have a longstanding tenant who's a teacher).

Cherub 02.05.2021 22:19

Re: Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
BTW, I've been in Basel 5 years and have never had issues getting insurance, I think it is just a case of maybe going down the route of using a broker for quotes as there are specialist products out there for those of us overeas.

newtoswitz 02.05.2021 22:21

Re: Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
Direct Line for Business give the best rates we could find.

ipoddle 02.05.2021 22:22

Re: Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
Towergate.. used them for years... recommended

Anjela 02.05.2021 23:23

Re: Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
LetAlliance and UKinsuranceNET both accept overseas owners and offer landlord insurance.
I have properties with both of them and they've been helpful and the premiums are reasonable.

John_H 03.05.2021 07:01

Re: Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
I use HomeLet .co.uk ..

I had similar experience with direct line on the renewal prices and then they wouldn't insure me at all because one of the tenants was unemployed (both names on the lease had to be employed, not just one)

I've never made a claim so I can't vouch for them being any good in that dept.

angoose 03.05.2021 22:31

Re: Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
Thanks to you all for your tips! Very helpful.

The EnglishForum is a great resource :), even for the most random questions!

Marog 04.05.2021 17:02

Re: Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
I have a Landlords Insurance with LV, their only criteria is that the payment should be made using a credit card which has a British address. Surprisingly some cards do not do an address check when processing payment.

Golfprostew 04.05.2021 20:12

Re: Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
I let a house to students in UK and was with UKinsurancenet but since Brexit they informed me they could no longer provide cover. They referred me to Campion in Ireland.

HIAO 04.05.2021 20:41

Re: Landlord's Insurance - UK Rental Property
Iíve insured through Aviva for a number of years. However, like so many insurers, they attempt to reward your loyalty and zero claims, with double digit premium increases. Iíve occasionally used their live chat service to ask them to retain the previous years premium.

Most of the comparison sites offer buy to let landlord coverage, only a few of the insurers Iíve had quotes from, exclude non uk residents.

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