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josquius 16.05.2021 14:48

Particulars of parents
I'm registering the birth of my half Swiss kid with the Swiss embassy overseas.

In one of the forms I have to fill in its asking for the "particulars" of my and my partners parents or ex spouse.
Just what on earth is this about? Why are they afrer this?
And more practically.... What are they expecting here? Just "Jim and Jane Smith" or parents address or....?

Any clues?

Island Monkey 16.05.2021 14:52

Re: Particulars of parents
Mine & husbands parents details are on our family paperwork, so it’s probably for that. I think it’s name and Heimatort (for Swiss) & name and place of birth (for non Swiss) (Basically what’s written in their passport).

ZuriRollt 16.05.2021 15:02

Re: Particulars of parents
Your child will be issued with a ‘Heimatschein’, which documents not only your name but also the names of both parents. My daughters ‘Heimatort’ is Baden, because her father was registered at birth from there (although my place of birth as her Mom was London). My Heimatort is Bern, because my father was registered at birth there. You will need this document for your child if she is registered as Swiss going forward.

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