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Schnubbu 26.10.2007 15:51

Re: english speaking psychologist in Zurich suggestion
I've been going to Kathleen Wyss-Shore for the last few years. She is excellent. www.wyss-shore.ch

Nanda 26.10.2007 16:01

Re: english speaking psychologist in Zurich suggestion
There's another list on xpatxchange. I go to Jeanette Wyrsch and could recommend her.

Imagozh 29.10.2007 07:06

Re: english speaking psychologist in Zurich suggestion

Originally Posted by Zug bound (Post 122612)
I was interested in contacting one of the therapists on the list, Katy Remark, sadly her number is ungletig. Does anyone know of a different number for her?
I've tried googling her name but all I found was a letter she had written to CNN.

This is in reference to the post by Zug bound. I am Katy Remark, the therapist/psychologist you attempted to contact. You don't mention where you came across a number for me but the one listed on XpatXchange is correct: 044 451 41 26.

mutabor 03.11.2007 14:46

Re: english speaking psychologist in Zurich suggestion
Mr. Reinhardt does not return calls, but can usually best be contacted beginning of month.

mamacass 29.12.2007 04:36

Re: english speaking psychologist in Zurich suggestion
I think its great that there is a network of help here for people . I have a canadian friend (married to a Swiss ) who had a nervous breakdown and has been in a clinic since sept . This thread would have helped him . I think it is important that you see someone who not only speaks your language , but also knows your culture based on something other than what is seen on tv !! If you find yourself depressed you can get medicicine from your general practioner . (which he didnt , He thought it would go away which naturally it didnt just got worse . ) Depression is something that happens when you have a lot of stress which moving to a different country , learning a new language and culture definitely is . If you need help please get it and dont end up in one of these kliniks !!! It is also important to have someone who understands how you feel . Your partner wont always do this just based on cultural differences , not to mention gender ! I dont know if my friend will get out of this klinik in the near future but when he does he said he is going back to Canada . He didnt have such a great time here . Sadly he has to leave his children here but I think its best for him to go home . Strangely enough until he moved here , he didnt have any problems ,maybe it was the warm hearted and understanding Swiss people he came across Ha Ha . Not that all are bad ; ive met some super ones but he didnt have the same luck . So please dont feel ashamed to get help like he did . You are in a vunerable situation andthats nothing to be ashamed of .

mutabor 24.01.2008 18:53

Re: english speaking psychologist in Zurich suggestion
well, anthropology is not a therapy... so if you are psychitic because of yourself, this may not help.:eek::cool::msnblush:

epag 24.01.2008 21:05

Re: english speaking psychologist in Zurich suggestion
i am not surpirised at all that your friend got depressed here
i think he should atlease have a trip back because in the country of Jung, therapy and therapist and the whole medical system, is a bit strange and frankly about psychotherapy i have heard the worse from various sources (and not from foreigners)
they have some community driven arrangements but not really curing
anyway,i dont want to add to frustration,just wanted to share my sympathy

IQ_QI 25.01.2008 08:46

Re: english speaking psychologist in Zurich suggestion

Originally Posted by epag (Post 34462)
Hi guys,

if any body knows psychologists/councelors Zurich,english speaking
i would very much appreciate your help.

Also,as i am greek,if any anybody knows a greek speaking therapist,would be great.

thanks a lot for your help

:rolleyes: wakko!!

Dr. Judith Oehler (Badenerstr.) is an excellent psychiatrist to contact for that sort of info since she used to head the psychiatry dept at the Polyclinic (<- where most docs also speak English btw).

She knows who's who in Zürich and can make a recommendation for an English speaking psychologist.


Bjarnemoon 19.05.2008 13:37

Re: english speaking psychologist in Zurich suggestion
Hi... first I am new to this forum, so hello. Secondly, I've been reading this post with some curiosity. I have question to pose to those who have responded to the question of finding an english speaking therapist in Zurich. My partner and I are seriously considering an attempt to relocate to Switzerland.. for a lot of reasons (quality of life, we're active rock and alpine climbers, we like the people and culture)... right now I'm a full time Lecturer (Assistant Prof) in Edinburgh with a specialty in Relationships of all kinds -- what makes them work and what makes them breakdown and what to do about it, etc (www.attachmentresearch.org). While in some ways I love academia, I also consider refocusing and putting my knowledge of human relationships into more actively helping people through conseling and therapy (academia can get very self-serving more than other-helping). So, I'm considering acquiring the additional training I need to be good at counseling (I am quite confident about having the right qualities).

Here is the question to you guys....

Do you think there would be enough clients for an American/English speaking (also fluent in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) psychologist specialised in serving the English speaking community of Zurich (and/or towns within commuting distance) to make a decent living (perhaps along with part time university work and scholarship)? I'm also personally knowledgable of American and Scandinavian cultures (having grown up in both) as well of English and Scottish cultures from living in Edinburgh.

What do you think... something there would be a niche for??

zuriKT 20.04.2010 09:06

Re: english speaking psychologist in Zurich suggestion
I was looking through earlier threads for information on counselling/psychotherapists in and around Zurich and came across these exchanges from 2007.

I was wondering is anyone would be prepared to share their experiences and recommend someone. I've tried a counsellor in Zurich and the approaches were pretty poor. There's quite a list on xpatxchange, which is where I found my bad experience - it would be great if anyone has had a positive professional experience and can recommend someone.

Epag - how did you fair in your quest in 2007?

Many thanks


Xenith 04.12.2010 22:34

Hi, is your mother tongue english and did you marry a swiss man and start living here ?? Just a thought cause i'm in such a situation, you can also get your G.P. to refer you to someone, (that way the health insurer pays too). I know your post is old but it's a response anyway. Take it easy...
The same thing happened to me, left it to long etc. Now I'm drugged up to the nines and have spent the last 2 years like that. Hey, how is he now anyway??

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