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AngeK 14.02.2007 14:16


Here in St Gallen we have a lot of composting centres around (might be true for all of Switzerland for all I know). There are various containers from the raw kitchen scraps to completed compost. What I want to know is, I put my veggie scraps in there, so can I help myself to the finished compost?


AbFab 14.02.2007 14:35

Re: Compost?

Originally Posted by AngeK
<snip>can I help myself to the finished compost?


It'll probably make you very ill...

AngeK 14.02.2007 14:39

Re: Compost?
hehehe... yes, I do need to save money at the moment, but I wasn't about to start eating dirt :D My plants might enjoy it though!

AbFab 14.02.2007 16:33

Re: Compost?
The finished compost is not going to be in the containers you deposit it in. As you likely realise it turns to soil as the worms eat it and it comes out again - or something like that - it's sort of magic anyway. It is doubtless handled by the Kompost police. Your local town hall will know what's what and who's who in local compost...

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