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Geminder 15.04.2009 14:22

UBS job cuts announced 15.04.2008
Does anyone have any detailed info on this?

e.g. mainly investment banking, sales, Zurich, Geneva

All I know is 7,500 more cuts announced, of which 2,500 in CH

tomcat 15.04.2009 14:27

Re: UBS job cuts announced 15.04.2008
NZZ speaks of 8'700 global job cuts, of which 2'500 are in Switzerland (this amounts to 1'200-1'500 firings in CH).

No further details seem to be available yet.

Edit: Tagi confirms those same numbers, and includes a comment from politician Leuthard stating that "further job cuts cannot be excluded."

herc82 15.04.2009 14:29

Re: UBS job cuts announced 15.04.2008
They are currently holding the shareholder meeting, to be continued throughout the day. There is a liveticker on www.tages-anzeiger.ch, more precise news will only be out by tomorrow I guess...

bigblue2 15.04.2009 14:33

Re: UBS job cuts announced 15.04.2008
I just walked passed the shareholders meeting, never seen so many security guards in one place since I have been here!!

I was with UBS until recently :( speaking to people still there (at the moment) it looks like global wm&bb are going to take a huge hit, and a lot of IT depts are going to be merged.

Not a good time to work for them, morale was at rock bottom when I left, god knows what its like now!!

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