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pratyushonline 25.07.2009 17:39

Cash on Delivery (COD) for online order
Hello all!

I ordered the Canon Powershot SX10 IS camera with a Lowepro bag from Digitec.ch online. I chose the COD (cash on delivery) payment option and the delivery by post option. This is my first order I have placed online. So, I wanted to know a couple of things:

1) I have been told that most post based deliveries happen at 0800 hrs. Is that true?

2) Do I pay the postman? Digitec did not make it very clear or probably I did not see the right places.

Thanks for your time, folks!

ACM 25.07.2009 17:50

Re: COD for online order
Unless it was sent by express, parcels will be delivered between 8.00 and 17.00 monday through friday.

If you are at home at the time of delivery you will pay the postman.

If you are not at home he/she will leave a note in your mailbox with the details of the parcel. This gives you two options, either you take the note to the post office and pick up the parcel by yourself or you call the number on the note and ask for a second delivery. :)

Please note that if you were not at home at the time of delivery you will have to wait until the next day to pick it up at the post office.
In case you chose a second delivery and you call lets say on a monday, the earliest next possible delivery date will on the following wednesday.

More info can be found on http://www.swisspost.ch/ (available in english)

pratyushonline 25.07.2009 17:58

Re: COD for online order
Thanks ACM for the quick and detailed reply!

I have given my office address, so guess I have got to be in by 8 AM then, to catch it in the first delivery..

(I am not sure if this is a right place to put this in)
Is there a photography club around in Lausanne? I will be just starting, so would need all the input I can get.

Thanks again!

ACM 25.07.2009 18:18

Re: Cash on Delivery (COD) for online order
Either that or just give the amount to a colleague (you do not have to sign for the parcel personally) who you know will be in before 8.00 :)

In regards of the photography club in Lausanne.
Ecole-club Migros Lausanne offers a beginners class (in french).

Ecole-club Migros Lausanne
Rue de Genève 35
1003 Lausanne

Also search the forum for more information.

pratyushonline 25.07.2009 19:37

Re: Cash on Delivery (COD) for online order
Thanks again ACM for the reply.

Giving the money to the colleague is a good option for me, since there is a person who does fit to the 8AM requirement..

Ahhhh.. One particularly specific question.. Digitec.ch mentions in my order details that "the position is open" and an approximate date is 27.07. Does that mean they ship on that date?

I did look at the Ecole-club Migros site, and it is a pity that I speak hardly any French and am first considering joining the french course..

Thanks again for the lead..

ACM 25.07.2009 19:55

Re: Cash on Delivery (COD) for online order
There is always one in every office :D

It sounds like the 27th would be the anticipated shipping date.

ACM 25.07.2009 20:06

Re: Cash on Delivery (COD) for online order
Also you might want to have a look in the social events forum.

There are two threads, one for the Zurich photo club and one for the Basel photo club.

Good luck!

cancher1 03.05.2010 01:54

Re: Cash on Delivery (COD) for online order
I used the same options today:
Delivery by post + Collect on Delivery
for a Dell Inspiron 1545, Intel T4400, 15.6" WXGA HD, 3GB
Hope everything goes OK!

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