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mnewland 15.10.2009 13:43

Cricket Equipment
Hi guys!
I am currently living in Switzerland for a 12 month exchange
program. I come from Australia. In Australia cricket is a major sport; one that I have grown up
I am currently attending one of the schools in Switzerland and have recieved a sport assignment with a
friend. We must take one sport lesson where we can teach the class a new sport as well as how
the game is played, where it is played etc... My partner and I have chosen the sport cricket, but
unfortunately the school doesn't have any cricket equipment.
Would there be any chance that we could borrow some bats, stumps and balls when it is
possible. We would only need them for one day minimum.
I think cricket is a great sport and this assignment would be a great opportunity to show others
how the game is played! :)

Longbyt 15.10.2009 14:26

Re: Cricket Equipment
Hi there and Welcome to the Forum.

I'm not sure you'll get a whole lot of answers to your post but let's see if we cannot improve your chances of being successful in your quest.

Firstly, change your Location. Anyone with access to equipment is more likely to think about helping you out, if they see your school is their area.

If your don't get any replies inside 48 hours, I would put a request into Activities>Sports/Fitness, where the cricketers might hang out.

To avoid getting your fingers rapped for writing the same message twice, you can say that this was really just your Intro telling us a bit about yourself. Unfortunately it slipped into the Other/General Forum instead of Introductions. Accidents can happen. ;)

If that doesn't bring any useful information or positive help, this Cricket Site might contain the name of someone who would be able to help you.

If you still don't have any joy and you have no other source of bats and wickets, then I'd try sending this person, who is active in the Forum and replied to some posts about cricket, a Personal Message and ask him if he knows any group of players who might assist. Just don't bring my name into it!

Now I'll just wish you luck and go back to my place in the outfield. :D

MissS 15.10.2009 14:39

Re: Cricket Equipment
I have PM'd you

mnewland 20.10.2009 20:34

Re: Cricket Equipment
Dear Sarah,
Sorry this is a late reply. Thank you for your e-mail and offers but we have found some cricket equipment at a near by club, which is great!
Once again thank you
Schönen Tag noch... :)
Kind regards
Maddy Newland

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