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Destiny 27.10.2009 20:36

Cheapest way to send a big parcel
I tried to search for this, since I'm sure someone has asked it before, but I didn't find anything.

I'd like to send something large (a gym bag, I won it in the rivella contest!! :) ) to Canada. It's light, but bulky and would cost a fortune with the siwss post.

Does anyone know of a different/cheap way to send it?
Years ago I vaguely call a Canadian friend telling me his german parents sent stuff by freight ship or something? But I dunno how one does that.

clues/ideas/help would be much appreciated.

Angela-74 27.10.2009 21:01

Re: Cheapest way to send a big parcel
Freight to Canada...where would you ship it from CH? It would still use air mail of some sort. Anyways, just thinking of all the paperworjk yu would have to do plus the transporting to the port...I would rather pay the swisspost. Anyways, you can always use second class shipping and it will cost you less but will take significantly longer for the package to reach destination :)

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