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grynch 16.04.2010 14:30

U.K. radio streaming
hi all,
Mrs. G has been used to listening to her favourite UK radio stations via her computer at work.. but recently they've tightened up the firewall I guess so now all she gets is..
"Licencing restrictions require that Magic's myPlayer is only available to UK based listeners. Magic uses a system to determine your geographic location via your IP address to make the decision."
So... is there any ( easy way ) around this, or perhaps an alternate method ( DAB radio? ) so she can happily listen to Heart , et. al. again?

mer'sea bo'coup

16.04.2010 14:32

Re: U.K. radio streaming
She will need a VPN to the Uk to listen to that radio station

Radio 1 works a treat though :)

grynch 16.04.2010 14:33

Re: U.K. radio streaming
VPN ? ( this message is too short )

OBone 16.04.2010 14:35

Re: U.K. radio streaming
have a go on here - you might be lucky


16.04.2010 14:35

Re: U.K. radio streaming

Basically you need the website to think you are in the UK by connecting through a proxy server in the UK.

grynch 16.04.2010 14:37

Re: U.K. radio streaming
ok thanks ( and I feel a thread merge coming on )

BasP72 16.04.2010 14:50

Re: U.K. radio streaming
I listen to Dutch radio via www.vtuner.com , maybe they have UK stations as well ?

John.. 16.04.2010 14:53

Re: U.K. radio streaming
Don't waste your time with any of that....

I use FreeSat at home which is great.

But if you are using the net there is http://radiotime.com which gives you access to many many stations throughout the world including UK.

They also have a cool app (paid) for your phone that works just as well.

Give it a go!

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