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pouswende 19.10.2011 05:40

How to move to Luzern Switzerland
Hi everyone, i am a US citizen and my girlfriend is Swiss. She just moved back to Switzerland after graduating here in the US and i am planning of moving there.But i can only stay for 90 days without a visa, so i was wondering how can i stay there longer and be able to work. We don't wanna get married now.Can anybody help? Thanks

pet22 19.10.2011 12:49

Re: How to move to Luzern Switzerland
Use the search function - type in "American", "work permit", "visa", "dependent" etc....there's a whole lot of answers on here and a few options for you. Main one its - it's near impossible :( You could apply for a job (do you speak German), you could become a student and apply for a student visa (gives you more time).

If you have job qualifications needed in Switzerland you're in with the best shot, otherwise it's hard. Use the search button and you'll find a lot of cases like this. All responses from 2008 are still pretty valid. You could call the Swiss embassy in America and ask them if there are any options from there (Long term visa) maybe after you find some options on this site.

Good luck.
Luzern is beautiful.

pouswende 20.10.2011 05:46

Re: How to move to Luzern Switzerland
Thanks for the info,it' really hard

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