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therealemm 29.02.2012 15:47

Visiting(tourist (for 3 days)) before getting the B
Hello! First time post. I trolled through the threads and didn't see anything that specifically addressed my question.

I'm a US citizen, my wife and I were just approved yesterday for B visas. I had planned on going to Switzerland to visit a friend for 3 days (before the approval). I don't have my shengen paperwork yet and my flight is tomorrow! Can I enter as a tourist for just the 3 days? Or will this be a problem?



therealemm 06.03.2012 10:44

Re: Visiting(tourist (for 3 days)) before getting the B
Wanted to update this thread (and close it). I contacted the immigration department (via email) in Bern. They promptly replied stating that I would have no issues entering the country as a tourist for that time frame. And that if I had issues I could use the email they sent as reference to that fact.

I would point out that upon exiting the country at ZRH the outgoing passport control did want to see our Swiss papers and did have a (future) date for us to have entry ability to the country. Upon explanation everything was cleared up.

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