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sunshinegurl 16.02.2013 14:04

Current L-visa expiring, contract over, how to extend visa
Hi all,
I have an Indian Passport, came here almost 2 years ago. Although, the contract was a permanent one, I was on an L-Permit, renewed once (so, I have had it for 2 terms). My contract was terminated a few months ago, n' my current visa status expires in mid-April.

I'd like to try n' apply for an extension, though I haven't found a job yet. What are my chances, or options, if I want to stay here, besides applying for a Schengen? I'm open to any suggestion… Student options, part-time jobs, or looking for an extension saying I am in the process of looking for a job.. (not sure how it works here) Also, who should I go meet, for the extension - the Kreisbüro, or the Migration Office? My last renewal was handled by the company, so I have not done it myself.. Hence, the questions!!

Thanks for your help, in advance!!


Kosti 16.02.2013 18:34

Re: Current L-visa expiring, contract over, how to extend visa
Since it sounds like you were laid off after working more than a year, are you eligible for getting unemployment benefits?

If you havent already applied for this, check with the RAV office of the canton.

Finding another job by April is the only sure way of staying on.
An extension might be possible, but not certain, if you are getting unemployment benefits while looking for a job.

expatforever 16.02.2013 23:40

Re: Current L-visa expiring, contract over, how to extend visa

Originally Posted by Kosti (Post 1800185)
Finding another job by April is the only sure way of staying on.

Yes... I know someone who was on Permit-B and as soon as the permit was up (without another job lined up), he was asked to leave the country. You should also check with your Contrôle des habitants or a lawyer. Good luck.

swisspea 17.02.2013 00:20

Re: Current L-visa expiring, contract over, how to extend visa
I'm pretty sure you will be facing a lot of hurdles to get the permit renewed if it's just an L. To convert the L to B, the employer has to go through the same approval process that they did before getting the visa/permit for you at the very beginning - and it's not something you can do for yourself.

You can try to pick up another job, but the employer has to go through the same process of proving that they cannot find anyone in Switzerland or the EU to do that job. I doubt that you would be allowed to find a new job.

The student option might be a better one, and definitely you should be talking to the RAV to check your entitlements for unemployment benefits if you were working more than 12 months - so at least you have funds to support yourself and pay your way back home...

I'm pretty sure you should be talking to the Migrations office, not the Kreisburo, and the RAV should also be able to advise you of your rights.

I assume your current permit does not give you the permission to change employers ? The simplest way to check this is that your ID card (with photo etc on it) has the employer's details listed on the back - if the employer's details are listed, then you probably have no right to change employers.

Getting the L to B conversion is difficult. The employer would have had to re-advertise your job and prove that they could not find someone to replace you. I assume that they decided they either could not fulfil that requirement, or they were not supportive enough of you as an employee, or they are downsizing and this was an easy way to reduce their staffing.

Either way, I'd definitely check your unemployment insurance entitlements with the RAV, and work out how to downsize and be prepared that you may be required to leave the country by the time your permit expires. Even if you were able to find another employer who is prepared to jump through the hoops to get you a permit, it's unlikely that they could get the permit approved within the time frame - normally it takes 8-12 weeks for the permission to be gained, and that's from the time that the paperwork is all completed and submitted to the proper authorities.

Maybe you can bridge the gap with a study visa, but you may be required to leave the country anyway to come back as a student...

sunshinegurl 17.02.2013 21:58

Re: Current L-visa expiring, contract over, how to extend visa
Thanks everyone!! Means a lot that you've taken the effort to reply.

To answer some of your questions, yes, my position was made redundant a few months ago. I am registered with the RAV and getting some compensation, erratic, though it is. But, I have not been successful as yet, in finding a job, as my German level was (is) not sufficient, though I have been enrolled in intensive courses for the past several months. Now that I have already reached B1 level, and may actually have a chance to get a job, it seemed bad that I don't have enough time to look for options. Hence, the question as to methods to apply for an extension.

Well, to start off, I plan to visit the Migration Office sometime this week, to enquire and check different options available to my disposal.

Also, the RAV hasn't been as helpful in this regard, so I am not goin' there. Will cross my fingers n' see, n' or ask any further questions, after my checking with the authorities.

Thanks a bunch, again!! Wishing y'all a great week ahead!!


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