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Mikayla 24.01.2008 05:44

Passport help [name change to Swiss passport]
I have recently begun the legal process of changing my name. I have dual citizenship (US and Swiss both by birth right). I currently reside in the US. My mother(a Swiss native) has told me that once I have succeeded in changing my name that I may have difficulty making that change appear in my passport or that I may lose my citizenship alltogether. I am only 21, and am handling this situation all on my own. I am a bit unclear as to what the process is to have the change made to my Swiss passport. Has anyone ever done this, or known of anyone who has successfully managed to deal with this problem? Any information would be immensely appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read my post!


mark 24.01.2008 06:34

Re: Passport help!!!!
Well two points seem obvious to me:

1. Your mother is very wrong. Changing your name will not be difficult and will most certainly not result in the loss of citizenship! In fact it is a totally normal procedure for many women (and some men) when they get married (which I am guessing is the case with you). Usually it's a matter of showing your marriage certificate and a little bit of paperwork.

2. Your correct contact point for information about this is the Swiss embassy in the US. They should be answering any questions you may have about this process, as well as Swiss government websites.

Guest 24.01.2008 07:47

Re: Passport help!!!!
Actually it is worth checking. Changing your name for reasons other than marriage can be difficult in Switzerland (unless there has been a change in the law over the last 10 years or so) and there have been cases of the authorities objecting and preventing the name change if the reason wasn't deemed to be good enough (I can remember a case from 5 or 10 years ago about someone with a slavic name that wanted to change but was prevented)

You won't loose your citizenship - just potentially not able to use your desired name

Mikayla 24.01.2008 08:00

Re: Passport help [name change to Swiss passport]
My name change is actually not due to marriage, making it much more difficult I suppose :(. In reply to the last post, I have another question. Are you saying that I can have my name changed in the United States, no problem, but just that I will not be able to have that same name change appear on the Swiss Passport? Id still have the citizenship, but just under the previous name? I know I definitely need to look into this any way, but I just wanted to see if anyone could give me some ideas of what kind of trouble I may be looking at!

aryadne 14.04.2008 05:22

Re: Passport help [name change to Swiss passport]
can someone help me clarify this issue on name change. i am a canadian and was planning on changing my name in canada (not by marriage). at present i am on a b permit in switzerland. it is possible that i will have to retain my old name in my swiss papers even if i change it in canada?

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