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mark1978 13.06.2013 19:28

Background Check
I am requiring a background check from when I worked in Switzerland a few years ago. I never had any run ins with the law and I always paid my taxes when I lived there (stand up kind of a guy I guess).However to proceed in the legal profession here in the UK I need to prove this. Anyone know where I would start with this one? Have been through the numerous webpages without any success in finding any helpful information. Anyone familair with this process?

Thanks in advance

Sbrinz 13.06.2013 19:45

Re: Background Check
If you come to Fribourg it can be done in an hour or so.

At any Post Office, you present them with a photocopy of an official ID and fill out a form, then you pay CHF 20,-- (Fr 40,-- for a certified copy) After a few days the copy of your Swiss police file stating "No offences registered" will arrive in the post.

You next go to the Office of Poursuites where you used to live, with an official ID, and ask for a copy of any claims against you. This costs about CHF 17,--

You might of course be able to do this by post, I have no idea.

Bucentaure 13.06.2013 21:27

Re: Background Check
Don't know if you mean that;

but the Strafregisterauszug/estratto casellario giudiziale/extrait du casier judiciaire/criminal records thing you can do on-line:


Sbrinz 14.06.2013 11:45

Re: Background Check
I just found this, yes you can get your criminal record online,



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