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rusman 23.10.2006 18:24

Lost In Space [IT Consultancy]
I am a newbee so please forgive my lack of knowledge of Swiss system.

I am looking for some guidance in terms of taxation, deductions and work laws for independent consultant.

The short story is that I am a US citizen but my wife has an EU B permit. I have an offer by employer in Lausanne to work as an independent consultant.

I have 20 years of IT and management experience what could be a ball park for IT consultancy rates in Lausanne

I can benefit from my spouse "B" permit, and in addition to mandatory health insurance, what other deductions (unemployment, pillars etc) will I encounter

In US a consultant could work and bill directly to the client as independent consultant. Is it possible do so the same in Switzerland. Or do I have to bill through a GMBH company and what are their usual (take) rates.

For example 16000 CHF / month what could be a net take home pay with various deductions.


litespeed 23.10.2006 18:44

Re: Lost In Space
Sorry to be blunt, but I would expect even a "newbie" IT consultant worth 16K p.m. to be able to use the search function on a forum. Your question is not likely to be answered in any one thread, but there is almost enough info on the individual points to get you started. Your title is also not likely to generate responses.

You should worry about your permit issues before anything else. As a non-EU spouse of a non-Swiss your employer will have to go heavily into bat for you.

As far as your consultancy goes, you might find some help in this thread and others in the Business or Employment sections.

Lob 23.10.2006 19:09

Re: Lost In Space
simplest method would be contact an agency and let them do the leg-work.

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