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oriantea 03.12.2013 10:40

Greetings and Questions from Sudan
hello EF members :)

let me introduce myself , i'm a young Sudanese lady who has recently got married to the love of her life :D who lives in Swiss for almost 24 years since he was one year old but he only has C permit residency ,, and he is still studying and he doesn't have a good job ,, but his family also live there and his father got a good job and he is supporting us very much .
my husband wants me to join him but he say he have to apply for a job with a good salary like 4000 ch so i can come and get B permit .. now i live in Sudan and I've never been to Swiss or Europe and we really want to complete what we started together .
I've two questions :
1-is it better to obtain visa type D from Sudan or go with a regular visa then obtain for it later ??
2-is it really about how much he gets as a salary ?

Can you guys please tell me what to do and what is the best option ,, i'm really confused :msncrazy:

Thank you for your time :)

APG87 03.12.2013 11:22

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
Hi Oriantea,

Your best bet is to call the Swiss consulate or embassy and have them tell you what the right way is for you to join your husband. But if you are already married, it shouldn't be too bad.
I know some people in your situation usually travel with a tourist visa and get married in Switzerland to speed up the process.
I dont know what a D visa is, so sorry, can answer that for you. But it sholdnt really matter on his salary since you are already married and he has a C permit.

oriantea 03.12.2013 12:52

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
Hi APG87
thank you so much for your answer and you quick reply ,,
i went to the embassy here in Khartoum and they gave me this visa type D for long term application ,, but we heard a lot of rumors that it's all about the salary and that disappointed us a lot ,,
thank you for your time and support :)

Medea Fleecestealer 03.12.2013 14:25

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
Sorry oriantea and APG87, but salary does matter. Oriantea you don't say whether your husband is an EU or non-EU citizen, but either way you are considered his dependent and as such he must show he has/earns enough money to support you both. If he has no job or income, it's unlikely that permission would be granted for you to join him.

Here's the info from the www.ch.ch website on family reunification for both EU:


and non-EU:


Now, the question that your husband needs to ask his family is whether they could provide the financial assurances that would be needed. If they say yes, then he needs to ask the canton migration office if they will accept those assurances. If the answer to either question is no, then you can't move here. You'll have to wait until he gets a job where he can support you both.

APG87 03.12.2013 15:03

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
Oops, sorry Oriantea, seems Medea Fleecestealer is right. The requirements depend on the canton where your husband lives but he basicalley need to have an apartment big enough for the two of you and and income where you wouldnt need any social assistance.

That's the actual law in french:

oriantea 03.12.2013 16:15

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
Yes his family can provide the financial assurances because they have been very supportive to us ,, but the question is how much the assurances will cost ??
can they give him the money to put it in his bank account or it'll be too obvious ??
excuse me for my bad grammar ,, and thank you so much for the replies :msnblush:

Medea Fleecestealer 03.12.2013 16:22

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
They need to ask the canton migration office what they need to see. It might be something as simple as a letter confirming that they're providing financial support for both of you, but they may want more like bank statements. The migration office has the final say on so it's best to check with them.

3Wishes 03.12.2013 16:33

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
Keep in mind the migration authorities may want more than evidence of income to grant the permit. They will likely want to see proof of a long-term relationship and that this is not a "sham" marriage. They may want proof you have no criminal record. Don't take it personally. They ask lots of questions.

oriantea 03.12.2013 18:03

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
i'll ask him to go and check before we apply anything it is much safer right ..
we had a long past together for 7 years and we have pictures together and love letters over years and he lived here in Sudan for a while , so it's not just a long distance internet relationship ..
p.s : he is Sudanese too .

How long it 'll take us before we get together in a cozy home in Swiss :msnsad:
i mean if applied in this January for D type visa when i'm gonna get it ?
Thank you again everyone :)

Medea Fleecestealer 03.12.2013 19:16

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
Yes, check with the authorities first. If they turn around and say they won't accept the financial arrangement then there's no point in applying at present. You'll have to find some arrangement that they will accept.

How long for the permit? Anyone's guess. The authorities will do their investigations into the finance, marriage, etc, before granting a permit for you which will trigger acceptance of your visa application. If there are no hold-ups or extra checks then maybe 6-8 weeks. Anything you have in the way of letters, pictures, rental contracts if you lived together, etc, will help prove your relationship.

If you got married in the Sudan, then you need to get your marriage certificate translated into German or French for a start. The migration office will tell you what other documents will need translating, etc. Bear in mind this could add to the time factor too.

oriantea 04.12.2013 06:17

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
I've been asked in marriage document checklist :
1- our marriage certificate
2- residence non-marriage certificate
3-non marriage certificate
4- birth certificate
5- 3 visa form D
6- 2 questionnaires form
7- valid passport
8-deposit SDG 3220

and for the conjoint who lives in Swiss :
1-stay permit for non Swiss in Switzerland .
2-any other supporting documents "what do they mean by that " ??
3-wedding photos .

I've translated all the certificates in German and legalized by the ministry of foreign affairs .

Can i apply for long stay visa (visa D ) and apply for Schengen visa at the same time ,, so i can go to Swiss for 3 months while my permit process is still going ??

Thank you for your time and tips :) :)

Medea Fleecestealer 04.12.2013 07:44

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
That would mean things like financial records, his employment contract, evidence of a long term relationship, etc, whatever the canton migration office here wants to see.

No, you cannot apply for a Schengen visa. You must apply for the long term stay Type D visa and wait until you have approval for your permit and get your visa before you can come here.

Guest 04.12.2013 08:18

Re: Greetings and Questions from Sudan
Hello oriantea,

I cannot help with the legal stuff, but you are lucky having Medea on your case.

May I just say that the name of the country your are trying to move to is Switzerland? Swiss are its inhabitants. :)

Good luck.

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