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asi 09.12.2013 18:19

URGENT! B permit extension while RAV ending
Hi all,

I have a B permit that is going to end 31.01.2014 and the RAV benefits as well are ending end of January.

I can not find a job at the moment but my RAV berater told me once that is not gonna be a problem but I am not sure about him.

I have received a formular to fill up and send it back but I wanted to know what can happen.
I have read that I should prove to have enough money to live here but do you know what does this means?

Pleeeease heeelp me!
I could not find any useful information.


Medea Fleecestealer 09.12.2013 20:21

Re: URGENT! B permit extension while RAV ending
Depends on whether you're an EU citizen or not.


If you're EU then renewing it may not be a problem if you can show you have sufficient funds to continue living here. You'd have to check with your canton for the exact figure they work too, but I would guess it's around CHF2,500 to CHF3,000 a month. They'd want to see bank statements confirming this.

sismailah 24.03.2015 13:46

I came to Switzerland in 2001. I claimed asylum after 2 years. I was given B - permit in 2009 on humanitarian ground. On social for 7 months. Then worked at a restaurant for 3.5 years before I was sacked. My B permit affiliated with employment. Now, no job. I went to RAV. Submit all necessary documents. Went UNIA the kasse, said a letter from my employer indicated some warning given to but never yielded to the warning. That was the reason given. 2 months and insurance not paid now. My b permit due for renew in Sept 2015. Will immigration renew my permit. Will they deport me. I don't know what to do. Please help and advice

From the previous poster. I am a non EU b permit holder.

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