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JessC 13.05.2014 17:19

B Permit/Background check?
Hi Guys,

So, I recently married my Swiss husband and I'm in the process of getting my residence permit. I just found out today that I need a background check from the FBI before my permit can be processed. Does anyone know about how long this takes?

I found an earlier thread saying that it could take up to 7-8 weeks, but I didn't want to believe it :msnshock:. Is there any way to expedite it?

I have a company that is willing to hire me once I have my permit. Do you all know if I am able to work while the permit is still being processed?

I appreciate any all info!


Sean Connery 13.05.2014 17:35

Re: B Permit/Background check?
I would factor in longer, potentially. You have
1. FBI paperwork to get
2. Permit authorities to process everything

You cannot work without your permit having first been issued.

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