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lemonpledge 23.07.2014 15:33

EU Member with Swiss Partner (not married) Residence Permit
Hi everyone

My boyfriend and I have been lurking around for a while trying to find information about his move to Switzerland and everything that goes with it.

We've found a lot of helpful information however not the exact answer to our situation and I'd like to share it, maybe it's useful for other members too:

As my boyfriend wasn't working just after he arrived we applied for a dependent permit and stating the reason "Verbleib beim Partner" (living with partner). This was done at the Kreisbüro and required the following documents:

- Passports / ID / Other official documents
- Last three payslips to show foreign partner can be supported
- Letter stating relationship, duration, guarantee to support partner
- Fee of approx. 80 CHF
- Photos

The person at the Kreisbüro filed our application and within 3 weeks we received an official form from the Migrationsamt which asked me to sign and thereby guaranteeing to support my partner for the next 5 years financially so he wouldn't become dependent on Switzerland.
The Kreisbüro issues a confirmation letter that the person is signed up which can be used to open bank accounts etc until the permit arrives.

Shortly after we received a "Aufenthaltsbewilligung B - ohne Erwerbstätigkeit" (without gainful employment but with the right to work) valid for 5 years.

The process was quite easy once we knew which documents to take and what to write in the letter. Someone at the Migrationsamt told us to write this letter and to explain our relationship to avoid too many questions as to why we're not married (yet).

However, once my bf found a job we've had to go back to the Kreisbüro and instead of just changing the permit to "B-erwebstätig" (in employment) we've had to apply for a new permit (another CHF 65.-).

As this job contract is only temporary for less than a year we do now expect to receive an L permit.

Note from the Kreisbüro:
Once this contract runs out he either has to provide a new contract and re-apply for a permit (L or B depending on duration) or if he doesn't we have to apply for the dependent permit again and resend all the documents listed above once more.

I hope this information is helpful to anyone.

trabel 09.09.2014 08:04

Re: EU Member with Swiss Partner (not married) Residence Permit
Thanks for this useful post! I have one question though - why did your bf need to apply for another permit once he got a job, even though he already had one with permission to work? I thought that once you had the permit, you kept it until it expired....?

lemonpledge 09.09.2014 09:00

Re: EU Member with Swiss Partner (not married) Residence Permit

We had to apply for a different permit because he received the "Aufenthaltsbewilligung B - ohne Erwerbstätigkeit" (without gainful employment but with the right to work) valid for 5 years which is the residence permit.

Once he's found a job they change your residence permit with the note that you are in gainful employment. Depending on whether the contract is limited or quotas have been reached you will receive an L or B permit.

Hope this made it clearer.

Medea Fleecestealer 09.09.2014 09:31

Re: EU Member with Swiss Partner (not married) Residence Permit
It may have something to do with the original permit which is what is called a "concubine" permit which is used for couples not in a recognised relationship, i.e. married or same sex registered partnership. Under normal family reunification, although the main permit holder must earn enough to support their spouse, they're not required to be financially responsible for them for 5 years, even if the marriage breaks down. This is one of the conditions of the concubine permit so that may be why he's been issued with a new permit, rather than just changing the original one. He got an L because it's a short term contract. Just my guess though.

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