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Sverma 03.11.2016 20:51

Re: Non EU work permit processing time and chances of approval

Originally Posted by Samaire13 (Post 2684745)
So your husband has an L? Chances you'll get a dependent permit WITH permission to work on an L are slim to none. Afaik, it's even impossible. You will still need to find a job, the company needs to apply for a work permit for you and jump through the same hoops as for any non-EU, and since it's been declined once, chances are it will be declined again. Especially if it's an application for the same job again (the authorities are not stupid and will realize they're trying to make use of a loophole)

Waiting for Medea to confirm.

Today i got an update that actually my application is not still rejected. It is pending and the authorities have asked to apply for a dependent L permit and then send that permit along and they will reconsider it. I would definitely like to try this but i am not quite sure about the success rate and also as i am still working in Germany and my employer is willing to take back my resignation now but i would try again i am uncertain if i would have time then in that case I would actually have no job.
I really want to come to Switzerland to join my husband but everything looks blurry

Medea Fleecestealer 03.11.2016 21:19

Re: Non EU work permit processing time and chances of approval
If the canton has suggested the dependent's permit to you then I'd say you stand a reasonable chance of getting approval. They wouldn't do that if they thought it was going to be rejected again.

Keep working in Germany if your employer is willing to let you do so until you hear whether or not the dependent permit is approved. There is nothing strange in this, all non-EU dependent permits have to be approved before the dependents can move here. If you get the permit then send it on to the authorities for their consideration of the job application. Even if they reject it for the job, you'll still have the permit, can move here to join your husband and look for another job possibility. You're not limited to only one application.

The rules are slightly less stringent for dependent L permit holders I believe, which it why this might succeed.

"Members of the family of a short stay permit holder (art. 26 OASA) do not have a right to gainful employment. The gainful activity is subject to authorization.

On admission, a request by the employer respecting the pay and conditions of employment customary in the locality and in the branch must be made. In addition, members of the family of a short stay permit holder (art. 26OASA) must have professional qualifications (personal qualifications, Art. 23 AuG).

The possibility of gainful employment for family members is related, according to art. OASA 26 and 27, to the duration of the authorization of the person granted family reunification. If the residence permit of the spouse is not renewed, the members of his family cannot claim a right to pursue their gainful employment (art.6, para. 2, OASA)."

BhushanB 02.10.2020 14:09

Re: Non EU work permit processing time and chances of approval

Originally Posted by Naynam (Post 2674987)
Hi Tsang, picking up an old thread....did you receive the work authorisation in 35 months or it was probably some later steps of getting the actual permit. How long did the work authorisation take?

Thank you for your response in advance.



Can any onelet me know that if canton approve the permit then how much time it will take for SEM approval? can you pleas help me
Thank you in advance,

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