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Re: looking for a job and employer in switzerland

You will find plenty of jobs at monster.ch etc.
Start off by applying for a couple of jobs, and see the response.
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Re: looking for a job and employer in switzerland

Here are 10 steps I think could help you. All of them require quite a lot of work from you. I wish you well!

1. Go to a course to learn better internet research skills, so you can look things up more quickly. Then: a) you could read the immigration laws of countries with French and English as a national language, b) search online for job advertisements, c) read more about employers of psychological and social interest and their specific projects, and d) increase your working skills, since ANY employment you could find in your field, in Switzerland, would require strong internet competence.

2. Have an in-depth look at www.ch.ch which explains a lot of the rules and procedures about Switzerland.

3. Make sure that your Arabic is excellent. In addition to your mother-tongue Arabic, be sure you can speak, read and write a “standard” Arabic beautifully.

4. Make sure that your French is really, really good: polished and nuanced.
Think about all the people you already know, with whom you usually speak Arabic, and find out if someone speaks better French than you (more academic, more fluent or eloquent, richer vocabulary, more specialised in your fields of social/psychological issues, greater management skills, more international experience, greater business knowledge, more widely travelled) and ask them to stop speaking Arabic with you, but from now on only French. Choose good French texts (both well-written novels and academic journal articles or studies) and read them aloud, practicing diction, speed and comprehension.
In addition to your Moroccan French, try to find people who speak French of all levels from other places (France including the islands, Mauritius, Quebec) so that you can train your ear in all their local accents and expressions.

5. Improve your English. I think you need courses/lessons with formal set homework. Even if you do not have access to (or money for) any further schooling in English, you could use some of the steps in 4. above. Also: there are many, many language-learning resources on the internet, a lot of them are free.

6. Decide, in yourself, why you want to work outside of Morocco. You don’t need to discuss that in public (and not in this thread), but it is important for YOU to know whether you want to get away from something where you are now, or whether you hope to achieve something in the new place. Thinking about these questions might help you sort out, in your heart, how important it is that you be in Switzerland, or whether you could consider a different country, such as France or Canada. Read their laws and regulations, too, to compare.

7. While you are still in Morocco, try to have a strong general base in your professional work, and then to become a specialist in some aspect. If possible, take part in a research project, in building up a new work, in a plan to change something, in any innovative solution-orientated task. If you can, publish a paper about this.

8. Collect written – and differentiated – references/recommendations from everyone who esteems you professionally, now and in the past.

9. Try to arrange a practical job (in French “stage”) for a few months, as if you were a student, in a French-speaking country. These usually have very, very low pay, but just enough if you live very frugally. The permits for entering most European countries are probably less complicated for specific, short periods, after which you definitely return home to Morocco.
Try to get unpaid leave from your job in Morocco, or at least a guarantee that you can have your job again when you return, so you have a safe economic situation when you get home.
Before you leave home for the “stage”, research your professional field online, about what is going on specifically in that city and the neighbouring cities, and especially anything that is to do with using Arabic, or intercultural exchange. Get in touch, by email, with as many people as possible, in your professional field…. But not on the basis of: “Hi, I’ll be in your city, can you help me?”. No, I mean you should thoroughly read about their work/projects/aims, then write showing direct interest in what they do, explaining why you’d find it enriching to meet, and with specific questions and the request that you could please come to see them for an hour. When you are here, set up lots of appointments in this way. Be absolutely reliable – these are the first steps in building your reputation. Go to lectures, speak to professors, etc.

10. When you get back to Morocco, write to each of these people to thank them for their time and the interesting conversation. Keep up the connections with them. Read their websites repeatedly, to see what is new, and especially if they advertise work or a new project. Even if there is no employment advertised, write again later, sending them an interesting journal/scientific/business article you have read and thought they might enjoy, and reminding them that you’d like to work in their country, and whether they have space in their project.
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Re: looking for a job and employer in switzerland

Thank you doropfiz. This post is both very clear and helpful for those in similar situations.
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