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Meenila 29.03.2015 15:41

Work Permit restrictions
Dear All

Apologies if this discussed on the thread before, but any assistance will be appreciated.

My question is related to my permit restriction.

I am working for the same company since 2011. I have found another job but they need to know about permit restrictions.

As I arrived here from South Africa, I had got an L first, then another L the following year. And finally last year a B.

My permit states this in the front: mit erwerbstätigkeit, and this at the back: selbst. erwerbstätigkeit ist bewilligungspflichtig

Can you please assist me in advising if this is restricted to my current employer?

If I find other employment can the new employer apply for a new permit for me, and if so any idea on how long the process will take?

Thank you

Medea Fleecestealer 11.04.2015 21:32

Re: Work Permit restrictions
Yes, it is as far as I can see. The part on the back says "gainful employment subject to authorisation" which means your permit is tied to your current employer I believe. Any new employer would have to make a case for hiring you over a Swiss/EU national. An application could take from a few weeks to a few months, depending on what the company has to do to meet the application requirements. The process is outlined here:


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