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Swanny 01.04.2015 09:29

Change of address to Bern Canton
Hi there

I need to move to Bern Canton as I have lost my job in Basel and have a place in Wengen where I will now live. My company did all the registration when I arrived and I have no idea how I go about changing my address in Switzerland. Any help would be welcomed.

5280 03.04.2015 12:18

Re: Change of address to Bern Canton
First you need to deregister in the place you are leaving (complete a abmeldebescheinigung) and then register in the place you are moving to. If your new residence is within the city of Bern itself you'll go to the Einwohnerdienste, Migration und Fremdenpolizei (EMF); http://bern.ch

Otherwise you'll find the information in the website of your new Gemeinde.

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