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murphy70 08.05.2015 09:42

L-Permit as EU and RAV
Hi all,

my gf (EU) has an L-permit for 6 months (she showed them she has the funds to live here when she's applied).

Now she found a permanent job as a substitute teacher, but only 3 hours per week max and only when they need her. So not much money at the end of the month or not at all.

Now, a German told her to check RAV and she went.

Our problems are.

- if she gets some benefits from them (ie. German courses) will she jeopardize her chances of getting her L-Permit renewed?

- I am guessing also that as a substitute teacher for not so many hours she will have no chance in getting a B-Permit when she needs a new permit.

- Did she need to go to RAV at all if she does not need anything from them? She hadn't registered as a job seeker when she first came.

as far as I know RAV is not social services, but we do not want to have any problem in the future.


nikos1988 08.05.2015 10:12

Re: L-Permit as EU and RAV
My wife was in a similar situation as a piano teacher. She was working 2 days per week but managed to get a B-permit. We also went to RAV but I wasnt very happy with the treatment and the options they provided. In fact we had to fight with them for several issues in the law that they were interpreting wrong. At least we won :msncool:.

For some professions (teaching I think is one of them) 100% is counted differently; its not the regular 9-5 , 5 times a week. Still 3 hours a week is too little... There is no way to know what will happen if she applies for a renewal since there are too many factors in place that we dont know about (how many permits issued so far, from which countries etc.).

I suggest getting another temporary job, even as a seller in a store in HB and then apply for a permit renewal. The more employment hours you have, the better. Once she gets the permit she can start looking for a job that suits her better. This has worked in the past.

Medea Fleecestealer 08.05.2015 10:57

Re: L-Permit as EU and RAV
Firstly, that is in no way enough hours to count as anything, especially being irregular as it is. That wouldn't get her L permit renewed, never mind getting her a B.

Secondly, unless she's paid into an unemployment scheme back in her home country I doubt there's anything RAV could or would do for her. She wouldn't get any payments and I doubt they'll cough up for anything like language lessons. Why should they?

murphy70 08.05.2015 11:04

Our idea is not to get anything from RAV at all. She just went because our German roommate mentioned it.

She will still have the money necessary to live here at the end of her permit. So in theory she should be able to justify again that she has the funding to live here.

She will have an interview on Monday with a RAV representative and asked her to take a German test at EB Zurich.

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