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barbillus 22.05.2015 20:51

Multy-entry with a student national D visa

I'am a non-EU and will apply for a student visa D to study in Zürich for my Master's this September so I was wondering if I could enter the country in August to matriculate for a couple of days (I will probably stay at a hotel so I assume I won't be able to apply for a residence permit during my stay) and return to my home country and then enter again before my studies begin, and apply for a residence permit. Is that possible ? The university (UZH) requires me to matriculate in person in late August but I cannot stay there until my courses start in mid-September.


Medea Fleecestealer 23.05.2015 13:51

Re: Multy-entry with a student national D visa
Only if you apply for a multi-entry Type D visa and not a single entry one.

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