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bksuri 27.05.2015 11:03

Swiss Birth Certificate Infoormation

Appreciate if some one can please suggest me :

1) Is there any online document where I can see templateof Swiss birth certificate? Basically i wan to see how the name of mother is mentioned in the birth certificate? Is it like:


2) If I move out of Switzerland in future and say after 5 years I need to apply for re-issuance of my kid's Swiss birth certificate , then is there any website where we can order for a fresh certificate?


Longbyt 27.05.2015 11:22

Re: Swiss Birth Certificate Infoormation
Can't help with the first question, but this might answer the second one.
Birth certificate

Sbrinz 27.05.2015 11:48

Re: Swiss Birth Certificate Infoormation
Every large city has a Standesamt which regulates births marriages and deaths.


In Zurich https://plus.google.com/106981885640...ut?gl=ch&hl=en

You might not be aware that in most cantons an international birth certificate can be ordered, which does not require translation, as all the words are printed in about 10 languages. (Mother, Mutter, Mère )

Urs Max 27.05.2015 12:37

Re: Swiss Birth Certificate Infoormation
The swiss birth certificate looked like this 40 years ago. Today may differ.

Line 4 gives the childs name (underlined)
Line 5 gives one parent name, additional details on lines 6 and 7
Line 8 gives the other parent name. The mothers maiden name is mentioned by "geborene Frei", which means she changed her name upon marriage. If she didn't, she'll probably be mentioned as "Friderika XYZ"


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