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vk13488 08.06.2015 22:49

Persönliches Gesuch
Hi Everyone,

Today I went to the Migrations office in Bern to apply for a change of canton and the lady at the office gave me a list of documents that I need to bring with me.

So, basic stuff is needed, like extract from the criminal records, debt office, etc... but I don't understand what is: "Persönliches Gesuch".

As I understood it is my letter to them with the explanation why I want to change the canton?

Anyone had experience with this?

Sbrinz 09.06.2015 00:32

Re: Persönliches Gesuch
It translates as "Personal Application"

They want a photo of you, yes? And they want to see that you match the photo.

So you should go back to Berne yourself, with all the required documents.

vk13488 09.06.2015 09:09

Re: Persönliches Gesuch
hi sbrinz,

sorry for missunderstanding, yes I was there in person with all the documents and with pictures but they wanted personliches gesuch... and as i said, they explained to me that it is some kind of request for change of canton that I should write....

Seronga 09.06.2015 10:38

Re: Persönliches Gesuch
I assume you are a Non-EU national. What type of residence permit do you hold and to which Canton are you planning to move to ?

Medea Fleecestealer 09.06.2015 12:30

Re: Persönliches Gesuch
I assume they want to know why you want to move. After all with a tied non-EU permit you're supposed to live in the same canton as your workplace is situated in. It's part of the conditions of having it. You'll need a really good reason why you should be allowed to move to another canton.

vk13488 09.06.2015 17:45

Re: Persönliches Gesuch
I have a non EU B permit. Basel -> Bern. My new job is in Bern.

Medea Fleecestealer 09.06.2015 18:02

Re: Persönliches Gesuch
If your permit isn't tied to your current employer it should just be a matter of showing the Bern office your new employment contract.

If your permit is tied to your current employer then my understanding is that both cantons have to approve the change of employment. So not only do you need Bern's approval, but Basel's as well.

vk13488 09.06.2015 18:07

Re: Persönliches Gesuch
Who said that my permit is tied to employer?

As I wrote earlier, they want "Persönliches Gesuch" (I have all other documents) and I'm asking if someone has an example of it...

Best regards

Seronga 09.06.2015 18:21

Re: Persönliches Gesuch
I assume you will reside in the City of Bern. The "Gesuch" the authorities are looking for is a letter written and signed by yourself (no form or specified format) explaining your motivation to move (which obviously is the change of job location).

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