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AmanRoy 19.06.2015 20:24

Open Bank account as visitor

I am a British citizen and resident and often visit switzerland for work. Is it possible to open a bank account in Switzerland to manage my expenses effectively in local currency.
When I wen to Credit Suisse they said I can't open bank account without residence permit.
Please advice.

RetiredInNH 19.06.2015 20:36

Re: Open Bank account as visitor
In 2008 I posted Postfinance account for non-resident (tourist). That, of course, was a long time ago!

My account was closed because of my US citizenship so I have no idea of the current status for residents of less controversial countries.

You may have to be persistent: I was mis-informed twice, only at the third try was I given the correct information and opened an account.

Medea Fleecestealer 19.06.2015 21:01

Re: Open Bank account as visitor
Looks like you can still get an account with PostFinance, but it'll cost you in monthly fees.

Customers domiciled abroad

Customers domiciled abroad are charged additional fees. Fees are charged irrespective of the amount of assets.

Domicile: Austria, France, Germany and Italy
Additional fees CHF 5 per private account and business account, and per month

Other countries: CHF 10 per private account and business account, and per month


AmanRoy 07.07.2015 20:48

Re: Open Bank account as visitor
Hi Medea, thanks for your message. I have spoken to postfinance but there reply sounds confusing. They say that due to a change in regulation they don't generally open account for UK residents but I can send my application and they would come back and let me know if it is successful.

I will post the update on this thread.

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