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Doodle 19.07.2015 13:18

working on L permit
Hi..I am new to Switzerland and I am a trained English teacher. My husband and I have just moved here on an L permit. I am currently a dependent on my husband and would like to know if I am allowed to work too.

roegner 19.07.2015 13:43

Re: working on L permit
The word "dependent" would indicate not. But basically what counts is what is written on your permit?

Medea Fleecestealer 20.07.2015 13:08

Re: working on L permit
Answer is likely no. However if an employer is willing to make an application for you and can meet the conditions required then your permit can be changed to allow you to work. The Foreign Nationals Act says this:

"Members of the family of a license holder of short stay (art. 26 OASA) do not have a right to gainful employment. The gainful activity is subject to authorization.

On admission, a request of the employer respecting the pay and conditions of employment customary in the locality and in the branch must have been made. In addition, members of the family of a holder of an authorization for short stay (art. 26OASA) must have professional qualifications (personal qualifications, Art. 23 AuG).

The possibility of gainful employment for family members is related, according to art. OASA 26 and 27, the duration of the authorization of the person granted family reunification. If the residence permit of the spouse is not renewed, the members of his family can not claim a right to pursue their gainful employment (art.6, para. 2, OASA)."

What the last paragraph means is that even if you do have a job if your husband loses his you will have to give up your job too and both of you leave Switzerland. Having a job yourself will not entitle you to live and work here as he is the designated main permit holder. If he loses the right to a permit because of job loss so do you as his dependent.

drewboog 20.07.2015 14:41

Re: working on L permit
The conditions required for them to give you permission to be a teacher depend on the type of position offered, the school and your qualifications and are in this document in section 4.7.7 for teachers. It's not available in English.


You already have your L-permit, so you are not subject to the quotas. The companies have to try to hire people from Switzerland and the EU before they apply for permission. The rules can be interpreted by the the office that gives the permission in each canton. In my experience no one will be able to give you a clear answer on if you would likely get the permission or not. Companies will often want to avoid going through this process because they have to pay 400fr., put together a comprehensive application and the office will give them no feedback if it could work out. This office only says things like, if you were a doctor we would probably give you the permission.

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