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lamaita 08.10.2015 16:05

L, B & C permit questions
Hi everybody,

I'm looking for some advices related to my immigration status. Please also let me know if you can recommend an English-speaking immigration layer/consultant that can help with permit applications.

My situation:
- I'm from EU-2.
- Moved to CH in 2006.
- Had a D permit for the first two years while working for an international organization in Geneva.
- In 2008 I started my PhD in Vaud (EPFL) and held a B permit during my studies. At the end of my PhD I got a 5-year B permit that was supposed to expire in 2018.
- I moved to Zurich last year and started working on a 1.5 years postdoc contract. I had to re-apply for a work permit and unfortunately got a new B permit that expires at the end of 2015.
- As I have stayed too long on education-related positions, I cannot continue working as a "Postdoc Researcher" and was offered by my employer another temporary contract as a "Visiting Researcher". However, I am told that such a contract would put me on an L permit.

My questions:
- Could you recommend someone that can give advice and/or handle my permit application? I obviously dont expect the help to be pro bono :).
- I see a lot of drawbacks if I get on an L permit (more difficult for my spouse to work, i cannot apply for a C permit, permit renewal is uncertain and subject to quotas, cannot change jobs without re-applying, etc.). Does anyone have any practical advices related to L permits (or how to avoid them in the first place)?
- Does the first two years on the D permit count towards the 10 year stay that would make me eligible to apply for a C permit? I cannot seem to find anything related to D permits..
- Can a temporary contract qualify for a B permit? If yes, what would be the minimum conditions required for this? I.e, contract duration, salary level, title, qualifications needed for the position, etc.

Thank you very much! Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Medea Fleecestealer 08.10.2015 16:32

Re: L, B & C permit questions
How long is the contract for? If it's a year or less then an L is all you'd be entitled to.

EU-2 nationals are subject to permit quotas until at least 31st May 2016. This could be extended until 2019 though if the Swiss decide to do so given the recent vote to curb immigration from the EU.

D permit is one of the "international/NGO" types, but I don't think it counts towards getting a C permit - only the Ci "international/NGO" one does.

lamaita 08.10.2015 16:38

Re: L, B & C permit questions
Thanks the help!

The new contract could be up to 1.5 years. Would a contract longer than a year *guarantee* a B permit? I'm just afraid of getting an L permit without any notice..

Medea Fleecestealer 08.10.2015 17:01

Re: L, B & C permit questions
Only if it's a confirmed 1.5 years and not a year with a possible extension. May not even then, as it'll depend on what other conditions the authorities want to see, but it would help.

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