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pachaim 19.10.2015 23:44

Getting married right before arriving - any potential problems?
Hello, I am a Canadian citizen moving to Lausanne in December. I have applied for my Swiss Entrance Visa (Type D) from the Swiss consulate in Canada and am presently waiting for approval. I understand when I arrive in Switzerland, I will receive my Work and Residence Permit (Type B/L).

My more specific situation is as follows: Right before I leave, I intend to legally marry my Canadian partner of 11 years.

I assume I will have to notify the Swiss authorities of this change in my legal marital status. However, I am concerned that this may create challenges, as my legal marital status was single at the time of my Visa application.

Further, I am hoping this partner may join me in Switzerland by July under family reunification procedures. However, I am concerned that the recency of our marriage may create challenges, especially if there were challenges associated with my first question.

Can anyone provide some insight into these issues? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Kosti 20.10.2015 00:54

Re: Getting married right before arriving - any potential problems?
You should not have any issues. Getting married after making a visa application is irrelevant to the process of getting one. You`ll just fill in your status as married after arriving here and registering at the foreigners office. You wont be asked to prove it.

For family reunification, just follow the typical process of applying for a visa for your spouse with the relevant documents. You might be asked to provide written responses to some questions. But Canada is a first world country, and the authorities here usually do this additional questioning for spouses from third world countries only. It causes delays but ends up happening.

Medea Fleecestealer 20.10.2015 08:45

Re: Getting married right before arriving - any potential problems?
Non-EU nationals who do not hold a C permit have no automatic right to family reunification. It's down to the individal cantonal authorities to decide whether or not they'll grant a dependent's permit.


It's not impossible to get permission, but they will look at your relationship closely to make sure this isn't a sham marriage to get your partner into the country and get a permit for them. As you've been together for so long though it shouldn't be a problem to provide things like holiday photos, joint rental contracts, etc, which you may be asked for.

Also what is your partner going to do when they get here? Do they expect to be able to work? Because if you end up with an L permit then there are restrictions on dependents working. Unless they have professional qualifications (i.e a university degree) then they will not be able to work here. If you get a B permit then the restriction doesn't apply.

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