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farhaneee 20.02.2018 12:14

Zurich Ordinary Naturalization 2018
I'm preparing documents for ordinary naturalization petition. After gathering forms from Stadthaus and then going through EF for information I'm still left with some questions.

1) I already have TELC A2 german certificate. I'm thinking of giving KDE test instead of TELC B1. After calling some tests centers they told me I should only take B1 speaking / listening part since the rest is covered for me? Can anyone verify if this is true?

2) Should I properly prepare myself for KDE test before submitting the documents, or can I submit the documents now and prepare while its being processed? Does anyone know what happens if I fail? am I allowed to retake the test? or does it require me to resubmit the naturalization application after a certain period?

3) Regarding the criteria "well integrated in Switzerland" will I be asked to provide any document regarding activities, membership in clubs etc? When are these asked because I don't see these required when I submit the petition

so_cal 20.02.2018 17:07

Re: Zurich Ordinary Naturalization 2018
1) You have to submit a certificate, minimum B1 or pass the KDE. I've never heard of only taking part of the KDE, but it's a really short exam compared to to the A2. If you passed the A2, you'll have no problem with it.

2) After you submit your documents and they decide you are eligible, they will send you an invitation to take the KDE and give you a list of places you can take it. You'll have some time to prepare.

3) I went through the process in Zurich city and was never ever asked about clubs, memberships, etc etc.

enigma007 28.09.2020 16:59

Re: Zurich Ordinary Naturalization 2018
Hi there - just wanted to check if someone knows the exact criteria for financial independence during ordinary naturalisation.
On Kanton Zurich website, they say: 'Sie müssen die Lebenshaltungskosten für sich und Ihre Familie decken können. Dies kann durch Einkommen, Vermögen oder Leistungen Dritter, auf die Sie einen rechtlichen Anspruch haben (z.B. AHV- oder IV-Rente, Leistungen aus der Arbeitslosenversicherung) sein.''

Does anyone have a sense of the numbers they're looking at for being able to support oneself through 'Vermögen' - is it e.g. dividend income/per annum or the overall size of the wealth (hundreds of thousands or millions?) that they use as criteria? this is an example of one person + one dependant.

aSwissInTheUS 28.09.2020 17:18

Re: Zurich Ordinary Naturalization 2018
You have to be able to support your lifestyle either through one of the three or a combination and sum of: income, fortune, or legally enforceable rights (such as pension money or unemployment benefits but not social support).

One of the three is enough. If you have a regular income. Good. I assume income is anything which is considered as income fot tax purposes. Enumerations, dividends, interest, royalties etc. etc. Fortune is only relevant if the other parts are not sufficient.

How much that is? How about 120 times the existential minimum of 1700/month? That would be 204k. Or maybe more like 240 times an exemplary budget of 3750/month ? That would be 900k. If you start to count in M instead of k you should be good.


NichtsBesonders 29.09.2020 16:39

Re: Zurich Ordinary Naturalization 2018
A two-digit million or more CHF fortune would most probably work. Single-digit, I'm not so sure.

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