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John_H 16.04.2018 20:43

Time to get a C permit in VD
On a slightly different angle to the usual question ..

I applied for mine late Jan/Feb (roughly) .. After 5 years on B..

New C arrived last week, no language questions or other requirements, just sign, show passport, show work docs and pay. The lady at the commune had actually filled in all the forms for me, I literally just signed on the dotted line.

Pretty damn easy transition :)

Edit :: Ooops Mod -- Please update the title." C Permit"

dilip_gem 17.04.2018 12:46

Re: Time to get a C permit in VD
Massive congratulations... I thought there was a language requirement (A2-B1 level depending upon the canton) for the UK citizens. Btw, were you employed for the entire 5 years duration? Never on ORP?

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