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Marunouchii 04.02.2019 18:59

Early C permit & chomage
Hi there! Maybe someone could advise me on the following? I and my husband are both non-EU citizens. My husband holds a B permit at the moment. I have a dependent permit (family re-union with activity). We both would like to stay in Switzerland and are planning to apply for an early C permit in two years.
I have been working for 2 years but now I have to leave my job due to relocation (we moved from Neuchatel to Zurich and itís not possible for me to commute any more). I have already started to look for a new job but it will take some time. I have an option to apply for chomage/RAV during my search. As far as I know, you shouldnít have applied for any social benefits if you want to get a C permit.
My question: Is chomage/RAV considered as a social benefit and can it affect getting C permit in the future? As I am dependent on my husbandís permit, is it only my husband who will be checked for not using any social benefits when applying for C permit?
Thanks in advance!

Guest 04.02.2019 19:18

Re: Early C permit & chomage
No, payments from RAV are an insurance payout, not a 'benefit', so will have no direct impact on future C permit application.

freeworld 04.02.2019 20:45

Re: Early C permit & chomage
... and everyone in the family will be checked for social help

Marunouchii 04.02.2019 23:11

Re: Early C permit & chomage
Thanks a lot for your answers!

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