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beaver 12.02.2019 03:16

Postdoc Visa Timing

I recently accepted a postdoc position at ETH. I will be finishing my PhD this June. I was told by HR that they would start the visa process after my PhD is conferred and that it would then take about 8 weeks. I am American.

This would mean that I wouldn't get to move until the start of September. I would prefer to start in July, and the professor who hired me would also prefer me to come as soon as possible.

My question is what others' experiences have been with getting a visa as a postdoc? Were you able to get the process started before completing your PhD? I would appreciate having a bit more information when I follow up with HR.

If it's relevant, I have already defended, and I am spending the next few months incorporating changes and comments from my advisors.


klausenhauser 12.02.2019 10:15

Re: Postdoc Visa Timing
I did it from Canada in 2014. I applied mid December (already defended and convocated in November) and got my visa the second week of January. From the date of issue you have three months to enter the country.

Depends on the consulate you apply to, could be on that time frame. It’s much easier for Americans and Canadians than other third country nationalities. Just make sure you have all the documents required (that includes your PhD certificate typically, they might accept a letter saying you have defended but the PhD certificate has not been sent out yet). Your boss should know this, it’s pretty clear in the regulations.

beaver 12.02.2019 20:02

Re: Postdoc Visa Timing
Thanks for the info klausenhauser! I appreciate it!

klausenhauser 13.02.2019 10:21

Re: Postdoc Visa Timing
I wouldn’t be too worried about the visa.

ETHZ is quite efficient, I would start browsing websites for housing instead or at least affordable airbnbs until you get your permit.

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